Membership is open to all those interested in Amateur radio, Ham radio, communications and technology, Computers, CB, commercial radio, short wave listening, scanning, satellites, the Internet and television are among subjects of interest to members.


Just to let everyone know that Sliverthorn Radio Club have started meeting again on Fridays at 7.30pm in Friday Hall

To meet government guidelines everyone must wear a face mask, keep at least 1m apart preferably more. You must enter by the rear door. Wash hands on arrival in the wc's. The kitchen is not in use and toilets to be avoided if possible


We look forward to seeing you all again soon



Chairman Silverthorn Radio Club




56 Friday Hill East, Chingford. E4 6JT

Tom 0786 663 6492
Peter 0796 056 8375

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Silverthorn members enjoying the weather