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shaped coloured pegs


To Vision Awareness SladeColour

SladeColour is a three dimensional way to convey colour by touch to people who are blind. It simply matches the 16 most used colours to shapes to create a shape colour code of recognition. Unlike braille, a sensitive touch is not needed as the shapes are easily recognised from a simple 3D thumb and two finger grip of the outer edge of each shape.

Shaped coloured pegs are used in specially designed board games to provide an interactive visual and non-visual way to choose from and play a wide range of traditional games; like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders to Chinese Chequers, Backgammon and so on.

Go to SladeColour for more information about this colourful tactile system.


SladeColour Peg System

Extending tactile literacy beyond Braille

Specialist teachers of visually impaired children are also using the SladeColour peg system with a ‘100’ pegboard for the teaching of maths and transformations. This is an extension use of the shape colour peg system to a new level of tactile literacy beyond that of braille.

Here you will see how the use of colour can break down the barrier of isolation of blind children in mainstream schools. You will also see that the use of colour as an interactive medium is to be applied to the ten Braille digits for numbers 1 to 0, to produce a new interactive tactile/visual maths teaching apparatus.

Below you will find a link to an article by John Slade, that was Submitted for inclusion in the 24 September 2013 edition of the Teaching Times, called Extending Tactile Literacy Beyond Braille.