Inspiration Intelligence can assist you with turning your idea into reality

Most people that invent something are not full time inventors. They are usually just normal everyday people who happen to come across a problem and then work out a possible solution. It is these people that we can help. So why not get in touch today and confidentially chat through your ideas, strategies or issues so that we may better understand your needs to assist you to your goal............

Is it new?


We provide an initial assessment to establish if your idea has merit, a Non-Disclosure form must be completed prior to this to protect your idea.


Based on our expertise we will assess your idea, considering a number of factors that will be explained to you in advance and before you part with a single penny.


Consider the following:-


  • What will it do / what is it used for?

  • What are its features?

  • What are the benefits of using it?

  • Why is it better than the existing?

Our consultancy can guide you through the many aspects of proving the likely success of your idea:-


  • All aspects of Patent Searches:- from Initial, Expert and Patent Office searches. All costs explained in advance and the best actions to take, including all of the many, many pit falls - IN ADVANCE


  • Assist developing the specifications and requirements


  • Prototyping - CAD, 3D Printing and all aspects of modelling


  • Develop marketing concepts



Getting your idea to market


We will guide you through:-

  • Managing all forms of Intellectual Property, dealing directly with the IPO on Patents, Design Registrations etc.

  • Royalties', Licensing and other types of written agreements.

  • Manage, receive and distribute any dividends received.

  • Assist with the creation of an operating company