We want to share our knowledge

Ten years in the making

Many of us are professionals who have years of experience in:


  • Engineering



  • Manufacturing


  • Design


  • Finance


  • Business efficiency and productivity


  • Organisational effectiveness


We have the time to sit down with companies or educational facilities to share our knowledge and experiences. We are happy to attend and present at all types of relevant business promotional events. So why not get in touch today and confidentially chat through your ideas,

strategies or issues so that we may better understand your needs to assist you to your goal.....

Invention is the idea, but innovation is taking your idea to market.


Inspiration Intelligence was created by members of East London Inventors Club, who recognised that with the skills used in their professional lives combined with their personal inventing experiences, they could assist creative people with developing their ideas.


We are committed to guiding people through the right course of actions to enable them to bring their idea to life.